6 Simple Things to do Before Moving


The thrill of moving into your dream home is unmatched. Many get so excited that they underestimate the effort and time it takes to transfer their possessions. By planning, you can move everything most safely and efficiently possible. 

1. Find the Perfect New Home for You in Northeast Wisconsin

Finding your dream home is the first and most important thing before moving. There are many considerations when choosing an ideal property. Ask yourself if the house has all the features you want. Also, you must consider its proximity to your workplace, children’s school, and local amenities.

It also helps to think about the living standards, crime rate, and transportation options in the area. Decide on the type of house that suits your lifestyle and hire a professional realtor to help find the perfect home.

2. Make a Moving Inventory

Decide what you’re taking into your new home and what you’re leaving behind, and create a moving inventory. List all your belongings and state their current conditions on your moving inventory sheet. You can easily estimate how much your move will cost and keep better track of your belongings.

3. Create a Moving Budget

Creating a budget will help you determine how much your relocation will cost. Make sure you have enough money to cover all moving-related expenses. After assessing your finances, you’ll need to create a budget.

Consult a moving company and find out the total cost for your relocation. It is wise to have two times the estimated amount for your moving endeavors. Also, set up a contingency fund for emergencies.

4. Pack Your Possessions Safely and Efficiently

Packing your belongings is a must, and you need to do it safely and efficiently. The process takes time, so you should start early. 

Here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Use appropriate packing materials
  • Start with the items you don’t use frequently
  • Ensure that all the items are secure; use packing tape to reinforce moving boxes, fill all empty spaces in each box, line the bottoms of the moving boxes with packing paper, provide lots of cushioning, seal the boxes tightly, and more.
  • Once you pack a box, label it with its content and destination room. You can also include instructions on how to handle each box.

5. Switch Utilities and Cancel Subscriptions

Contact your service providers before moving to your new home and have them disconnect the utilities in your old home once you leave. Cancel your cable, home phone, internet, and more. Make sure you cancel your memberships in local clubs too.

Essential services such as electricity, gas, and water should be running on move-in day. You may have to pay installation charges to turn on some of these utilities.

6. Find a Reliable Moving Company

Choose a reputable and reliable moving company that has a license and insurance. This way, you’ll rest assured that your belongings are in great hands. Be sure to inform the company about any large or unusual items you want to move. With this in mind, they’ll come with the required equipment to handle such items.

Moving requires a lot of work, but it is a simple endeavor if you plan well. Start by letting Luxe homes help you find your dream home. Create a moving budget and make sure you pack all your belongings safely.

Realty ONE Group Haven also provides excellent concierge service to help you relocate to your new home safely and efficiently.

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