Why you should choose a real estate agent over a “For Sale By Owner”


Trying to sell the property yourself may seem like a great strategy to save money since the commission is 6 percent, and that’s approximately $15,000 on a $250,000 home.
Given the amount of money you pay for professional services, you may think it’s worth selling your home.

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to rethink this

  1. Realtors may not show a “For Sale By Owner.”
  2. Agents are not emotionally invested in your home. Having someone by your side who is not emotionally connected to the property will help you avoid stupid mistakes like overpricing your property or not counter-offering. As a homeowner, it may be disheartening to hear buyers’ negative feedback. Having a Realtor may take out the sting of the rejection and emotionally sabotage the sale of your home.
  3. Real estate is a full-time job. Are you ready to rush home and show your property? After a long day of work, are you willing to come home and market your property? Can you excuse yourself from work to take a call from a potential buyer? Are you an expert in marketing homes? Working with a Realtor, you will not have to be home; your agent will place a lockbox, show the property when you are not home, and professionally market your home.
  4. Realtors have extensive networks. A small pool of potential buyers means less demand for your property which can mean waiting longer to sell your home or selling your property for less.
  5. Avoid potential lawsuits. In addition to negotiation skills, weeding out unqualified buyers, and making sure you don’t miss any critical steps, a Realtor will reduce the risk of a lawsuit.

Selling your home takes a lot of work; start by letting Fox Valley Luxe Homes help you with one of the most significant transactions of your life. Call Veronica today for a consultation!


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