8 Steps to buying your Next Home


So, you want that dream home? We know exactly how to get you there. Here are the typical steps involved in buying a home.

  1. Get Pre-Approved – You’ll want to get this process started ASAP, as getting pre-approved for financing is essential.
  2. Choose an Agent – Choose an agent whose personality meshes with your own and whose experience can work in your favor!
  3. Hunt for Homes – We’ll take note of your requirements and start searching for properties that fit the bill!
  4. Research Neighborhoods – Your new neighborhood is just as important as your home. Look at schools, recreation and shopping.
  5. Make an Offer – We’ll draw up an offer and negotiate on your behalf.
  6. Inspection – This will address any hidden issues in the house.
  7. Close the Sale – Arrange a closing date and sign the paperwork!
  8. Move In! – You did it! Welcome to your new home!

Buy or Sell First?

Each situation is unique, and several factors need to be looked at to determine which option is right for you. Here are some steps to consider with each.


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